Awesome Partnership Program 

We join forces to overcome any obstacle!

The Awesome Partnership Program is a new way to register students for diffrent programs with Awesome and the best part is that your commissions will be transferred to your account within the same day!
All you need to is recommend Awesome Academy by sharing your Affiliate Link.

By partnering with us, you’ll be working with a world-class English Academy that provides your clients with Results-Oriented High Quality English Courses. As our partner, you are part of an elite group of individuals who can receive great revenue, even during times of global crises.  This is possible because all you need to do is simply share your Affiliate Link with potential clients, and you will get your commissions the same day the client signs up for a course. As an Awesome Partner, you could receive up to  30% commission for the purchases made on our website through your Affiliate Link. Since you already understand the need for a good education nowadays, why not make money while sharing the best courses with your audience and/or clients?

To apply to be the Awesome Partner:

  • Click on this Link
  • Fill out the Application Form and ‘Submit’

That’s all! You are now ready to start referring clients to Awesome Academy and earning commissions!

Login and head to the Affiliate Dashboard to generate a referral link and start earning money.

Awesome Academy provides all the options you need!
Through the Affiliate Dashboard, you can create your personalized campaign links, track your impressions,  conversions and commissions.

Custom Campaign Links drive traffic to sign-up pages on the Awesome website from anywhere you share the link; your website, blog, social mediate postes, etc.

Your Custom Campaign Links are used to receive credit for any referrals who click on your Custom Campaign Link and sign up for Awesome Courses. 

Follow these steps to generate a campaign link:

  • Go to the Affiliate Dashboard
  • Click on ‘profile’
  • [Optional] Change your affiliate identifier (to make your URL unique)
  • Enter the page you would like to generate a link for.
  • Copy the generated link and start sharing.

Test your custom campaign link by copying and pasting the link into your browser to confirm that it leads to the page you input.

Best Commissions in the business!

Up to 30%

With our new Affiliate Dashboard, earning commissions is easier than ever. 

"The Awesome Partner Program is an outstanding way to share the best English courses with friends, colleagues and clients, while creating a stable revenue stream for you."

Mark Gregory