About Awesome Academy

At Awesome Academy – our brand encompasses three educational bodies that provide students and our professional clients with everything they need to excel!

We remain fully committed to offering world-class educational programs that meet the needs of both English learners, and those who come to us for professional development opportunities.

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Admission Open for July 2021

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Since opening our English Language Center in January 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have grown from strength to strength with students joining us from more than 57 countries worldwide. Practicing the philosophy of continuous improvement, we started applying a skills-based methodology in all our programs an approach that has already been proven successful in other educational institutions across the world. To this day Awesome English Center is the only institution which incorporated the skills-based methodology in the curriculum.



We move towards our vision by offering the most affordable, fast track and result oriented programs. Along with opening our branches in every country and partnering with leading governmental and non-governmental organizations to reach everyone seeking the opportunities.



We create opportunities for striving individuals, by providing innovative and result oriented programs, in order for everyone to have equal chances to compete in the global market.