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Your English Before Awesome

I wanted to have a good job in my country in an international company and I was trying hard to learn English but I felt I’m missing something.
Izabella from Kazakhstan
My dream was to study Master overseas in an English university so I was trying for so long to learn English but I didn’t see myself improving.

And your English after Awesome...

I studied 6 months at Awesome and could achieve IELTS 6.0 and after that I was offered a job in an international company in Kazakhstan.
Izabella from Kazakhstan
I’ve studied 6 months with Awesome and within 6 months I am very happy with my English and and I’m ready to start my masters and achieve my dream.
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(1st January 2020)


Intensive English I.E. 2.0​

SKILLS-BASED METHODOLOGY enables learners to develop the academic skills and language that will lead them to succeed in their studies and lives.

I.E. 2.0 has been designed with learners’ ambitions in mind.
As well as being ideal preparation for their academic studies,
the course presents learners with model texts and exercise types that
they can expect to encounter in the IELTS test.

Foundations in Professional English

In this foundational course to professional use of the English language, we will apply elements of language use to specific situations as well as develop our business English portfolio. By the time we finish, we will be able to start applying for a better career.

Professional English Course

Professional English

English has become the language of the Internet, business, medicine, professional training and much more. And in order to meet the demands of modern employers, it comes as no surprise that business English courses have become very popular.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most widely recognised English proficiency test.

Prepare for success in the IELTS Speaking, Writing, Reading,  and Listening tests with the Awesome Academy.

* Get tips and exam strategies from highly experienced IELTS teachers
* Receive teacher feedback and improve your skills
* Get regular writing practice
* Become familiar with the task types
* Practice all sections of the test

Kids English

This course is suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old. Made specifically to introduce new concepts from the English language into the children’s mind while keeping their way of thinking and enhancing the creative side of them to create and use the words they know in new sentences.


Real Students. Real Results.

I don’t know how teachers manage, but they are so interested in their classes that the guys who are  with zero English in six months talk in such a way that they cannot be stopped.
From Russia
I joined Awesome 3 months ago and I’m happy that within this time I reached the level I wanted. Awesome helped me a lot in learning English smoothly and to overcome difficulties.
From Yemen
After about 5 months studying with Awesome, I was able to communicate, improve my English a lot,  I can understand what people say, and everyone can understand me.
From Vietnam
The result was visible only after one month studying with Awesome, I was able to understand, read and speak freely. I am very happy I chose Awesome.
From Kazakhstan
I significantly improved my level of English, learned to speak English more comfortably and fluently. Now, living in an English-speaking country does not bring any particular inconvenience for me
From Belarus
I am very happy and find comfort from the presence of highly qualified teachers from US and UK who managed to help me a lot in learning English smoothly.
From Yemen

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